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Vivrta is Sanskrit Word that means Different in all sectors. Basically, Vivrta fragrance is based on Our Old Indian culture of Handmade Incense, Which is made by Old villagers in Tamilnadu.

It's 100% hand Curved Pure Masala Luxurious Incense is made with blessed hands and a blissful mind

Humans navigate life with different senses. they help us live in the moment, excite our curiosity, and be in tune with natural impulses.

We believe nurturing a sense of connection to yourself is the root to be happiness.

Our Incense makes you a Better Environment, Purify your Mind, Relax your Era & Makes the Atmosphere of good Religion.

The Story of Vivrta Internationals

At Vivrta, we aim to make mindfulness an easy and desirable habit. we value the importance of spending a few minutes a day for mindful moments. Our Slogan is excellent in aroma.

We hope you find joy, in enjoying the process of lighting an incense stick, putting it on the holder, smelling the scent & Seeing the smoke gently filling the air. all senses are awake and you are able to be present.

We offer unique, sacred & High Luxurious quality Incense sticks, Cones, Dhoop & Tablets for you and your home.

The Story of Vivrta Internationals

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